“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement”

-Helmut Schmidt

The best customer-relationship management (CRM) design needs to enhance the total value of your business. No matter if your growing, selling, transitioning to retirement or handing ownership over to the next generation your CRM must produce a clear picture of customer interactions. This can be accomplished by adding assets and tools that create a robust business foundation such as a customised internal client relationship management program that can also link to the outside world through marketing and campaigns. 

Custom CRM ensures strategic customer retention which will ultimately drive sales. The greatest benefit here is that your company owns the program, making it a real asset for your business.

A great customised CRM experience is one that lowers the learning curve and fast tracks processes. Improved user satisfaction can lead to greater application use:

· Better data input – accuracy

· Administrative and audit process automation

· Enhanced, detailed, real time reporting 

· Real time sales tracking

· Human Resources Management – onboarding, tracking, leave, files 

· WHS Monitoring – workplace audits, 

· Compliance Tracking and Immediate self assessment auditing

Customer Experience Design

Today design isn’t limited to simple graphics. Today design is intuitive and agile. Think of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design as a more spontaneous and real-world, people-driven, experience. A customer’s interaction with their device or screen should always be easy and enjoyable.

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MyOps Designer Designation Explained in detail

UI and UX are unique and similar at the same time. And since they work together, overlapping at critical points both design roles need to be understood. UX design refers to user experience design, while UI design is the user interface impression. Crucial to the success of IT products is the close working relationship of these roles.

New job titles such as UX Developer and UI Design Professional have emerged as the future of digital design. These roles are rapidly becoming key designations within the sector. Despite being an essential part of the digital design communication process, UX is a much more analytical and technical pursuit. If it helps you differentiate the two, think of UI design as representing a more complex graphic designer role.

UX design is a game changer, with many companies only starting to realize the implications of needing someone in this role if they want to even consider being competitive in attracting and retaining customers. UX design should be defined through functionality; the agile process behind product creation, high-value, seamless user experiences. NoteUX designers aren’t hands-on graphics designers. They act more in a leadership capacity, strategically involved in onboarding and product lifecycle management. 

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