Business Planning and Digital CRM Design

You already know that business planning isn’t only essential but it’s also continuous. You must go beyond the ordinary to get results. And at the same time business planning can be draining. Plotting and planning then correcting. And then there are those uncalculated risks. Self-management means being prepared to handle problems whenever they arise. 

For your business to be successful you must constantly improve your business relationships. This means staying top of mind with your customers, contacts, and as much as possible with your potential customer pool. Using a Customer Relationship Management strategy is a smart and cost-effective way to progress these relationships. A CRM system will help you stay connected with your customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Below are a few basic business planning tips with a CRM solution:

  1. Goal Setting – setting a monthly sales goal is important. Plot a layout, including sales target and objectives. With a concrete plan in mind and a set goal, you’ll be more determined to reach it. CRM solution: integrated sales forecasting by learning from the past and predicting the future through historical data, while predictive analytics uses the data to anticipate future customer behaviors. 
  2. Sales Strategy – Decide what you need to increase your sales. CRM solution: CRM data and reporting systems provide insights into conversion effectiveness at various points in the sales funnel. Data analysis improves business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.
  3. Digital Evolution – Well designed website, proper promotion and a little investment in marketing efforts. CRM solution: better marketing return on investment (ROI). Tracking helps your business better understand what marketing events and drives are effective or not.
  4. Social Media Strategy – Evaluate your strategy quarterly. Post good reviews on your site. CRM solution: enhanced products and services by gathering information from a large variety of sources.


An effective CRM makes business planning, make sense!

MyOps can show you how to effectively design and use your CRM to gather all information. But why, you ask?

  1. Improve Sales Metrics: zero in on the leads that really matter; discover additional business opportunities
  2. Enrich Products and Services: quickly gather all the relevant information across your business
  3. Greater understanding of the sales pipeline: less admin, more time selling
  4. Heighten productivity: less time entering data
  5. Accurate Sales Forecasting: automation reduces human error
  6. Better relationship management (partners and suppliers): real-time updates
  7. Reliable reporting: quickly and easily spot potential issues
  8. Increased customer satisfaction and retention: customer interaction overview
  9. Boosting Marketing returns: tracking provides insightful hints



Free your business from itselfFocus on getting business done. And let MyOps show you how to put CRM automation to work for you. 

  • CRM planning should provide crucial insights into what your customers want to hear and know and how they want those stories to be told. Knowing this allows you to tell customers what they need before they need it.
  • Great CRM planning enables end-to-end customer interactions and strengthens relationships. The process also considers business objectives and customer satisfaction; vital for marketing.

My Ops can show you how to effectively use your CRM system to free yourself from your business!