An applicant’s resume and cover letter are like those first texts you exchange with a potential sweetheart to get the measure of their character so don’t waste your time with getting the best fit, look for the right fit.

Read on if you want to learn 5 secret ways to increase your businesses bank account balance by hiring the right people.

1. Write the scope of role, job description and task accountabilities before advertising and you will get the right applicants.

Once you’ve got a solid idea of what your ideal role will be, you’ve got to back it up with the right interview questions specific to the skill set required to complete the role. Stay focused on your next “Superstar” employee, don’t settle for good enough.

Here are a couple of bonus questions to ask yourself which may help you catch a diamond in the rough or avoid litigation. Let’s say you have a “verbally relaxed” work environment so if you don’t ask questions specific to this, you might end up hiring someone who won’t fit your company at all. And you may disrupt your entire office or worse.

· What social and emotionally intelligent qualities are you looking for in your new recruit? 

· What kind of staff culture does your office have or are you trying to cultivate? Fun, casual, corporate?

· Is your company aiming to develop a more diverse workforce? This could help when you have to decide between two or three serious contenders.

2. Fact-Check resume and their experience

Ask for copies of certificates and qualifications to be brought on the day of the interview because on paper, everybody says they achieved an MBA or at least some set of qualifications.Some may find this intrusive; however think about how you would manage a person who disagrees with your first request? 

Prepare relevant questions before the interview regarding your business or the role and analyse the way they give their answers. No research on your business = no job!

Ar their grammatikal errors & spellling mistakes? Chances are this person lacks attention to detail, so would you want to manage someone who requires constant oversight? 

The interview starts with the application letter.

3. Get to know your candidates without you in the room

Ask your receptionist or whoever greets the potential candidate to start a general conversation with the applicants when they first enter the office. Getting your existing staff to tell you what and how the candidates reply to a question as simple as “Are you nervous?” or “How was your day?” can tell you a lot about the person you may be about to employ. It just gives you an overall sense of how they would fit in your office.

Impress me; Impress the people you are going to work with, we don’t owe you a job!

4. Communicate your Role Expectations and Company Goals 

You’ve got to tell potential and existing staff what is expected of the role and of them from the get-go, this saves you and them a lot of wasted time at the interview and when or if they eventually start. Remember they are interviewing you too.

Communicating the company vision and making sure it is understood is one of the first agenda items. It’s the easiest way to get the job done to the standard required and the “Right” person should make you wonder how you could have run your company without them for so long. 

There should be sparks! 

5. Research the Candidate 

References just aren’t enough nowadays so take a look at candidates’ public online presence. What they type online when they believe nobody’s watching is as relevant, if not more so in today’s society, as what they say to your face. 

People tend to be upfront online because they can hide behind their keyboards. Rest assured your clients will be looking at you, your employees and your company’s online presence and making decisions whether to do business with you. There could also be the possibility as I once discovered that the candidate was under fraud investigation. Bullet dodged!

You also don’t want sensitive company or client information leaked to the world.

There you have some strategies outside of the square. I want to hear from you with any crazy interview stories? Share your secret interview techniques—or what causes you endless headaches. Leave me a message or give me a call. I’d love to hear from you.