Research & Development Grant

The Australian government wants to stimulate the Australian economy

image1 encouraging innovation and growth through various programs and grants. If you are a business owner, your business might be eligible for very large government grants. When most of our clients get the grant money, they are astonished. Before meeting us they had no idea there was something like this, and didn’t even dream that they would be eligible to so much money. 

The only disadvantage

image2 that applying for these grants can be quite the bureaucratic headache. Forms, letters, waiting periods. As a business owner you know - no one has time for that.  


We do this all with minimum effort from you - the work is done by Rimon®.

Here Are The Requirements:


 There needs to be a process of experimentation occurring to innovate. 

- There should be some sort of uncertainty in what the final product will be. 

- This often requires a form of new knowledge being created. 

You don’t need to be doing something complicated to receive this grant, you just need to be doing something that has a difference to your competitors. For example, you could be exploring a new way to connect metals, or you could have discovered an innovative way to speed up your production.