What we do?

MyOps comes equipped with a very specialised set of skills mastered over decades of working with world class companies and SME's to provide you with tailor made new world solutions for your business.

Our tailor made solutions are coupled with coaching, mentoring and ongoing support to help you, yourself as the owner introduce the recommended solutions in your way, successfully.

This in turn will strengthen, update, refresh  and develop your business to the modern age where technology integration is key for survival.

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Mentoring and Coaching


Through understanding you, your goals and business pain points my team of specialised experts and I develop a tailor made set of solutions to save you money and increase profits all at the same time with less effort.

My favourite saying is “If you do the exact same task twice, it should be automated!”

This can be through many methods such as the use of the right social media marketing tools, applications, programs and technology all working together for you 24 hours a day, however there are a lot of variables that need to be considered for the right integration. The aim is to set your business up to run itself accurately and report to you in real time. 

If you have the technology it could simply be clarifying job roles, task allocations, job descriptions to create a more positive staff culture or workflow improvement to streamline your client experience effectively. 

Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s complex. There are a lot of variables out there.

Who has the time to investigate, integrate, automate and create?

The answer is MyOps.com.au

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Elite atheletes have coaches, CEOs have mentors, Presidents and Prime Ministers have advisors.

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