All businesses at some level begin with a basic supply-demand, seller-to-customer, relationship. In the beginning, it might be okay to just maximize an Excel spreadsheet or jot down notes about customers and incoming orders. But as your business grows, this sort of record-keeping simply won’t do. 

Remember to give your sales associates the advantage of a singe view of customer contact info., orders, and interactions. Gone are the days of storing your customer and order info in more than one location, such as on sticky notes or on white boards, give your sales team the benefit of doubt.

1. Client Contact Information is scarce and unreliable

If there’s little to no visibility when it comes to knowing exactly what your customers are doing and who they are interacting with, you as a business owner could be lacking visibility into how your customers are connecting with your employees. Along with missing key insights into what your salespeople are up to.

2. Reporting is a daily grind that takes half your day

Being able to discover, interpret, and communicate all your sales team’s monthly improvements statistics against their monthly quota; now that would be ideal. But find creating reports manually is cumbersome and often results in no tracking at all. 

3. Your salesforce isn’t accountable because they are hard to track.

With your sales force out in the field, doing what they do best, meeting prospects and discovering valuable leads. They are generating tons of new and valuable data. But all this new info gets stored in multiple locations and in various formats. Great meetings can happen anywhere, but the sales teams don’t always transfer their notes and important details can get lost. Not to mention what happens when an employee leaves the company.

4. Resell and Upsell Solutions are lost at every stage – or worse you don’t even know

Make sure you are targeting prospects based on their value to the business. Stop sending the same types of offers and messages across the board – to customers and prospects in very different stages of the buying process, as well as in different industries and/or geographies.

5. No Plan

What if your business is growing by leaps and bounds? Great, but will your current processes grow to scale? Are you concerned about keeping up productivity while scaling up? If any of these apply to you or your team, no worries, these are exactly the issues that your CRM system can solve for you.

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