What we do

We chop down the trees to see the forest!

MyOps’ role is to look for overlaps, repeated tasks, redundant procedures and workflows, unravel accountabilities and marry tasks to specific roles, automate, create relevant dashboards and reporting and then
introduce the right technology.

You and your team can spend more time with your clients ensuring tighter
relationships and increase your revenue generating opportunities.

We approach each project with the view to ensuring we understand you and your business from the ground up.

Your strategy is incorporated into the technology and software design. If you
don’t have a formal strategy or you want recommendations, we do that too.

About theDirector

Norm Roberts Director

Hi, my name is Norm Roberts. I am an MBA qualified Business Analyst specialising in business intelligence and technology.

As a former and current business owner, entrepreneur and senior manager working with several large banks I understand business from the inside out and what it takes to get them operationally excellent.

I completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 2018 so I am up to date with current technology trends and business practices.

I am also in the process of becoming an Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner and a Microsoft Azure Administrator to ensure you have access to someone who understands and can integrate the latest cloud technology and design.

Howwe do it

What our clients say


We have been trying to expand for several years but have continually been stuck in the day to day duties of working inside the business rather than working on business. Under your guidance, I’m finally seeing the business heading towards achieving my vision and overall goals. I walk into the office every day glowing, full of confidence. I feel empowered!….I put this down to your coaching.

Ben Suter, CEO and Owner

Nurse at Call

Norm is a legend

Big Norm, you’re a legend and have had a profound effect on my business awesomising everything in it, especially the executive training & coaching that we do. Massively grateful to call you a mentor & friend.

Luke Mooney, Director

The Moon GroupMortgage Broking and Asset Finance.

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