"Big Norm, you're a legend and have had a profound effect on my business awesomising everything in it, especially the executive training & coaching that we do. Massively grateful to call you a mentor & friend." - Luke Mooney, Director, The Moon Group. Mortgage Broking and Asset Finance.


"For a small business trying to grow, there are a lot of traps that MyOps have helped us navigate through and it has been an eye opening and invaluable experience". - Claire Kilroy, Director, Koste Tax Depreciation Surveyors.

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"We found Norman at MyOps to be an amazing business strategist especially in his knowledge of the mortgage broker industry as he helped us through the setup and streamlining of a newly formed merger of our existing businesses." - David Jin Director AUF Qld

"I found Norman's executive coaching to be insightful as we aligned David 's and my goals to a strategy we can see that can grow." - William Bai Director AUF Qld

"Norman was instrumental in assisting myself as the CEO and founder of my Wealth Management company through an extensive automation process lasting just over 12 months. He worked very closely with me understanding all of my needs and exactly what I wanted to achieve which led us from well over 40 staff to just over ten, ensuring no business was lost and our capacity increased due to technology upgrades and a solid foundation of task management and accountability. I am now able to concentrate more on my personal life knowing the business is taking care of itself." - K. Knights CEO and Founder, Wealth Management. Real Estate, Mortgage Broking and Tax agents.


“Norman assisted us by creating a much more streamlined tax depreciation report ordering system. Which allowed us to get on with the work rather than worrying about all the admin. Over the last two years we were able to streamline systems and make them the well oiled machine they are today. With that in mind, we would not hesitate to recommend him to other businesses.” - Sean Connolly Director and Founder KC Partnership. Tax Depreciation Specialists.